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      嘉樂石材(云浮)有限公司是美国TBGS 控股集团下属企业,公司依托集团公司在世界范围内的强大资源,致力于发现并向您呈现石材这一自然之美。

      嘉樂石材(云浮)有限公司是美国TBGS 控股集团下属企业,公司依托集团公司在世界范围内的强大资源,致力于发现并向您呈现石材这一自然之美。




      Jiale Stone (Yunfu) Co.,Ltd is an affiliate of TBGS Holdings, LLC.  Relying on the group's significant reach and resources all over the world, we are devoted to discover and present natural beauty in its finest form to the stone industry. 

      We believe that each piece of our stone is alive; our mission is to celebrate and preserve its vitality and spirit. 

      The quality of your surroundings and environment matter to us.  We pledge to produce only the most unique and elegant natural stones. 

      Because we respect and admire the earth, we conserve and utilize every piece of nature's gift by continuous and strict quality control and improvement.




      在一切太晚之前,TBGS 控股下属的AM3和嘉樂石材开始复兴这个自然赋予我们的财富。结合材料本身享有的美誉,我们采用了全世界最先进的开采流程、库存控制流程和矿山专?#20381;?#37325;新使阿拉巴马白占领美国这个?#20102;?#30340;市场并推介至全世界。 我们的矿山位于世界上最大的白色大理石矿带,其矿山储量可以?#20013;?#24320;?#27801;?#36807;100年。位于美国的矿?#28966;?#29702;队伍有超过100年的天然石材开?#21024;?#39564;,而在亚洲?#22242;分蓿?#25105;们拥有强大合作伙伴的支持。

      Alabama White Marble's presence on the dimension stone market began nearly 150 years ago.  Over the course of time, the material was featured in countless paradigms of American architecture and culture including:  The Supreme Court of the United States, the ceiling of the Lincoln Memorial, and the bust of Abraham Lincoln displayed at the United States Capitol.

      Our quarry and the surrounding areas have been mined for more than a century as well but predominately, over the course of the last 20 years, for gravel and calcium carbonate bi-products.  Alabama White marble as a dimension stone was bordering on extinction and the dimension stone industry seemed poised to extinguish one of the brightest and most elegant white marbles in the world.  The domestic market simply could not serve the demand for the material; demand started decline. 

      AM3, Jiale Stone, and TBGS Holdings stepped in to resurrect this endangered architectural treasure before it is too late.  We will utilize the most technologically advanced extraction procedures, inventory control, and mining consultants coupled with the sterling reputation of this marble to revitalize a significant dormant market in the United States and reintroduce Alabama White to the world.  Our quarry is situated on one of the largest white marble veins in the world and boasts significant deposits that should last in excess of 100 years with sustainable extraction rates.  The US based quarry management team possesses more than 100+ years of experience in the natural stone industry and significant trade partners in Europe and Asia. 



      作为世界上最独一无二、神秘和美丽的黑色大理石,毕加索黑从未被世界真正了解, 直到现在……



      Nero Picasso is a material that is largely unknown to the world. Until now. This material is one of the most unique, mysterious, and beautiful black marbles in the world. The hallmarks of this artistic material that is particularly elegant when bookmatched are strength, durability, and color variation. It can be finished in several ways including polished and is picturesque as a high-end dimension stone in many applications. We continue to achieve high quality production and will sustain excellence with the recent expansion of our quarry machinery. Our material and our never ending commitment to quality allow us the opportunity to become a leader in the global stone market.  




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